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​Star Party 2020

-Open Cluster with Corona-

​Holding period: 2020.09.21 (Monday)

​ Venue: From each location

(Remotely held)

​Holding report:

The originally planned "Hoshien 2020 -in Ubuyama-" was forced to be canceled from the perspective of preventing the spread of the new coronavirus infection.

As an alternative event, this "Star Banquet 2020 -Open Cluster with Corona-" was held.

With the event concept of "There is a space where you can connect even if you are far away",

We are looking for "star-viewing photos" taken from different locations at the same time on the day the event was scheduled to take place.

We created a "Seibanquet 2020 short movie" that connects them, and felt a "connection" with everyone who is far away.

At the same time, "Let's meet again next time, overcoming the starry sky where I'm all alone now!"

The "Star Banquet 2020 Concept Movie" with the thoughts of the staff has also been released.

​I hope that astronomy fans will have a fun time together like before Corona. . .

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