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We will deliver an impressive starry sky experience.
mobile planetarium

If you go through the entrance of the air dome, you will find yourself in a space full of stars.

​You can enjoy the beautiful stars regardless of the city lights or time. We will visit you anywhere, including areas and facilities where it is difficult to see the starry sky. In addition, it is also possible to project automatic projection programs and your favorite images.

​digital planetarium projection

A special projector is used to project the starry sky and outer space. The live commentary by the astronomical staff is attractive.

planetarium dome

・Diameter 6m x Height 3.6m

・Capacity: 35 people

​ (not for outdoor use)

In front of Oita Station Amu Plaza
Denki Building Kyosokan & Mirai Hall
​Star Watching

These days, the raw starry sky is becoming a precious thing. Another world awaits when you point your telescope at the starry sky. We will taste the stars that can be seen in each season and explain the stars. We will develop an observation event that can only be done by the astronomical entertainment group TOMITA.

We will visit you with a wagon car, an air dome, a projector, and a mobile astronomy car "Galileo".

Mobile Astronomy Car "Galileo"
Shiawase no Hoshi Nursery School

You can enjoy the powerful appearance of the universe with a large-diameter 35 cm telescope.

Stargazing party

In addition to "Galileo", refracting telescopes, reflecting telescopes, binoculars, etc. are available according to the plan. We also have a flat planetarium projecting on a screen and a daytime solar observation session using a special telescope.

​ Shiramizu Oike Park Star House
to you
​We will deliver!
​mobile planetarium

[Basic fee] Weekday ¥137,500 (tax included)

      Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays ¥ 165,000 (tax included)

[Basic contents] 〇 Planetarium equipment set / 1 unit

  〇 Projection / 4 times

* 20 minutes for projection, 10 minutes for entry and exit

*Change of projection time per time is negotiable

  〇 Labor costs

  ○ Starry sky commentary by professional staff

[Option] 〇 Add projection

  Weekday ¥7,480 (tax included) / once

  Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays ¥ 8,800 (tax included) / once


[ Implementation requirements ]

Indoor space: horizontal floor 8 x 8m, height 3.8m or more

Power supply: 100V 15A or more 3 systems

(Blowers, projectors, spot coolers (summer only) for operation)

​Flat projection on the wall is also available
star watching

[Basic fee] Weekday ¥  93,500 (tax included)

      Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays ¥ 110,000 (tax included)

[Basic contents] 〇Telescope Equipment set

  ○ Starry sky commentary by professional staff

  〇 Implementation time: about 2 hours

*Excluding setup time

  〇 Labor costs


* The price varies depending on the plan and the number of telescopes.

* Due to circumstances such as rain, cloudy weather, strong wind, etc. due to outdoor implementation

may decide to cancel

[ Implementation requirements ]

Relatively horizontal outdoor space, where safety is ensured

* Depending on the area you visit, transportation and accommodation expenses will be charged separately.

​ *Cancellation fee: Up to 1 week before: free / 1 week to the day before: 30% / On the day: full amount will be charged

Great discount plan

We offer

​set discount



mobile planetarium
​Star Watching

10% off

Consecutive days discount

​2nd day onwards ​

20% off

​Education Support Discount

At facilities for learning purposes such as public schools​Please contact us when using
Flow until implementation

​Contact us

Feel free to ask anything about the schedule, content, preparation, fees, etc.​Please contact us by phone or email.


After describing the contents that are decided at this stage, such as the desired implementation date, planned venue, planned number of participants, and number of implementations, apply at ​.


We will propose a plan and an estimate according to the details you asked at the time of application.

until implementation

If you have any changes, confirmations, or questions after the meeting, please feel free to contact us.

​On the day

We will carry out the project according to the plan.

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