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​For public facilities

Are you having trouble with this?


Recently, the telescope's visibility has deteriorated. It looks like the optical axis is off somehow.


The movement of the equatorial mount is strange. It also makes noise and does not enter the field of view when the star is introduced.


There are places where the dome does not rotate. The movement of the slit is also not smooth.

In order to maintain the equipment for a long time, we recommend maintenance at least once every two years.

​Telescope maintenance

ーFrom lens cleaning to optical axis adjustmentー

Maintenance is essential for long-term use of equipment.

Dirt and mold adhering to lenses and mirrors deteriorates the surface coating, preventing the telescope from demonstrating its original performance.

The metal parts of the sliding part can also be adjusted and greased to prevent rust and provide a pleasant usability.


Equatorial mount maintenance

-An important frame that supports the telescope-

Perform proper maintenance to maintain introduction accuracy and tracking accuracy.

There are cases where the mechanical drive part does not work properly due to a lump of metal, adhesion of grease, or rust.

The adjustment of the polar axis is also an important point for operation.


Maintenance of the astronomical dome

ーThe symbol of the observatory that protects the telescopeー

Regular maintenance prevents accidents from occurring

Protect your telescope.

The dome has a surprisingly complex structure. Because it is heavy and hard to reach, it is also a place that is difficult to care for. In some cases, the slit suddenly stops working and the telescope is exposed to the rain.


​by skilled technique

​Reliable maintenance


Confidence of " TOMITA" in technology based on 60 years of experience

​The manufacturer does not matter. We maintain any telescope, equatorial mount, or astronomical dome. ​We do everything in-house instead of outsourcing.

Takahashi Manufacturing Technical Certificate

​Our track record and technical capabilities were recognized, and we were the only company in Japan to receive a technical certificate from Takahashi Manufacturing.

manufacturer distributor

・Takahashi Seisakusho West Japan general agent

・Humancom Dome Kyushu General Agent

・Astro Optics Kyushu Distributor

  (We have obtained agency permission from each manufacturer)

astronomical telescopemaintenance content


Optical system Disassembly and cleaning

Disassemble the optics and clean the optical surfaces.

​Wipe away any visible mold or dirt.


Cylinder wiping cleaning

Wipe off the dirt, mold, and dust attached to the inside of the cylinder.

​ has the effect of suppressing the growth of mold.


Optical axis adjustment Star image inspection

Adjust the optical axis of the optical system.

After adjustment, perform a visual inspection of the star image and an imaging inspection,

​Check the optical axis status.


Focus adjustment Grease exchange

​Cleans the degraded grease, greases up, and adjusts the rattling so that the focus can be adjusted smoothly.


finder maintenance

​We also perform maintenance on the attached finder and telescope.


Eyepiece maintenance

The eyepiece is disassembled, and each optical surface is cleaned and centered for assembly.


Exterior cleaning

Removes dirt and rust from the surface of the lens barrel to keep it looking beautiful.

Telescope​Maintenance BEFORE & AFTER


Equatorial mount​maintenance content


Actuator inspection/adjustment

Check and adjust each driving part, such as contact of the worm gear with the worm wheel.


drive unit grease up

Remove the old grease from the parts where metal contacts and operate, and grease up.


Electrical system inspection/adjustment

Check the electrical system, such as the power supply lines to the right ascension and declination motors, for any abnormalities.


Confirmation of fixing screws and bolts

Inspect and adjust the tightness of each part and fixing screws and bolts.


Exterior cleaning

Removes dirt and rust from the surface of the equatorial mount to keep it looking beautiful.


polar axis​ Inspection and adjustment

Check and adjust the polar axis for any misalignment.

We also accept motor drive modifications.

The system of the equatorial mount is old and automatic introduction and auto-guiding are not possible.

​System computers that are old and cannot support the latest drafting software can be solved by replacing the motor drive of the equatorial mount. In addition, high-precision motors improve tracking accuracy and enable wireless communication.

Please leave the replacement of the equatorial mount to us.

astronomical domemaintenance content


Rotating motor inspection

We inspect and adjust the driving condition of the dome rotation motor and the degree of wheel wear.


Open/close motor inspection

Inspect and adjust the drive status of the slit open/close motor and the limit switch for any abnormalities.


Electrical system inspection

Check and adjust the electrical supply lines to each motor.


drive cleaning

We inspect, clean, and grease each drive unit.


Confirmation of fixing screws and bolts

Check and adjust the tightness of fixing screws and bolts of each part.

​You can also do this.

Dome repair/renovation

​Stuck motor, replacement of worn wheels. Repair of corrosion and missing parts of the internal steel frame due to rain leaks. We also accept requests for repairs and renovation work necessary to extend the life of the dome, such as refilling areas where the sealing of the exterior sheet metal is broken.

Dome renewal

Maintenance record


藹藹会 Telescope maintenance [Tochigi]

Galaxy City Telescope Maintenance [Tokyo]


Sophia Sakai telescope maintenance [Osaka]

Kakogawa Municipal Children's Nature Center Telescope Maintenance [Hyogo Prefecture]


National Shinshu Takato Youth Nature House Planetarium Dome Repair Project [Nagano Prefecture]

Hamamatsu Astronomical Observatory Telescope Maintenance [Shizuoka Prefecture]

Misakubo Cultural Center Telescope Maintenance [Shizuoka Prefecture]


Saji Astro Park Dome Maintenance [Tottori Prefecture]

Inujima Nature House Telescope Maintenance [Okayama Prefecture]

Oshima National College of Technology Telescope repair [Hiroshima]

​Yamaguchi Prefectural Yamaguchi High School Telescope renewal, dome repair, telescope and dome maintenance [Yamaguchi]

Ube City Working Youth Hall Dome Repair [Yamaguchi Prefecture]


Mannou Astronomical Observatory Telescope and dome repair, maintenance [Kagawa Prefecture]

​Kagawa Prefectural Goshikidai Children's Nature House Telescope Maintenance [Kagawa Prefecture]


Fukuoka City Science Museum Telescope Maintenance [Fukuoka]

Itoshima Observatory Telescope Maintenance [Fukuoka]

Onojo Kita Community Center Telescope and Dome Maintenance [Fukuoka]

Shiramizu Oike Park Hoshi no Yakata telescope and dome maintenance [Fukuoka]

Kyushu University Pegasus Observatory Telescope and Sliding Roof Maintenance [Fukuoka]

Kurume City Astronomical Observatory Telescope Maintenance [Fukuoka]

Ogori City Lifelong Learning Center Telescope maintenance, dome repair [Fukuoka]

National Yasu Kogen Nature Center for Youth Equatorial mount replacement, telescope and dome maintenance [Fukuoka]

Starry Sky Learning Center Telescope Maintenance [Saga Prefecture]

Saga Prefectural Space and Science Museum Telescope maintenance [Saga]

Fujibira Astronomical Observatory Telescope and Dome Maintenance [Saga Prefecture]

Akane Observatory telescope renewal [Nagasaki]

Sasebo City Children's Museum of Science Hoshi Kirari Telescope Maintenance [Nagasaki]

Shirakimine Kogen Cosmos Flower Space Museum Telescope maintenance, Sliding roof repair [Nagasaki]

Unzen Suwanoike Visitor Center Telescope and Dome Maintenance [Nagasaki]

Nagasaki City Science Museum Starship Telescope and Dome Maintenance [Nagasaki]

Nagasaki Prefectural Forest Astronomical Observatory telescope and dome maintenance [Nagasaki]

Onidake Astronomical Observatory Telescope and Dome Maintenance [Nagasaki Prefecture]

Koshi City Nishigoshi Library Astronomical Observatory Telescope and Dome Maintenance, Telescope Repair [Kumamoto Prefecture]

Gallery & Cafe Sora Space Cabin Telescope/Dome Maintenance, Dome Repair [Kumamoto]

Sakamoto Hachiryu Observatory Telescope/dome maintenance, dome repair [Kumamoto]

Ubuyama Astronomical Observatory telescope relocation and telescope system update [Kumamoto Prefecture]

Kurokawa Onsen Yusai New observatory, telescope and dome maintenance [Kumamoto Prefecture]

Mountain Shinobu Telescope Repair [Kumamoto Prefecture]

Minami Aso Luna Observatory Telescope and Dome Maintenance [Kumamoto Prefecture]

Seiwa Kogen Astronomical Observatory Telescope maintenance, telescope repair [Kumamoto Prefecture]

Ryugatake Municipal Muui Observatory Telescope/dome maintenance, dome repair [Kumamoto Prefecture]

Oita Prefecture Kokonoe Youth House Telescope and Dome Maintenance, Dome Repair [Oita Prefecture]

Compal Hall Observatory Telescope and Dome Maintenance [Oita Prefecture]

Sekizaki Kaiseikan telescope and dome maintenance, dome repair [Oita]

Kirarakan (Yokodake Nature Park) Telescope/dome maintenance, telescope repair [Oita Prefecture]

Umezono no Sato Tenkyukan Telescope maintenance, telescope repair [Oita Prefecture]

Nakagoya Astronomical Observatory Subaru Dome Telescope Maintenance, Telescope Repair [Miyazaki Prefecture]

Tachibana Observatory Telescope maintenance, dome repair [Miyazaki]

Nakanoshima Astronomical Observatory Telescope/dome maintenance, telescope repair [Kagoshima Prefecture]

Makurazaki Astronomical Observatory (Nansatsu Airport) new observatory [Kagoshima Prefecture]

Kihoku Tenkyukan dome renovation [Kagoshima prefecture]

​ Izumi City Youth House Telescope Maintenance, Dome Repair [Kagoshima Prefecture]

transaction flow


We will check and understand the type and condition of the equipment, and we will listen to any problems you may have.

We will propose maintenance contents according to the condition of the equipment.

We also support the format of each public institution.

We perform maintenance based on the estimate and contract details.

We will create a report with photos of the work and the condition of the equipment.

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