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transaction flow

​ At Astronomical House TOMITA, we make uncompromising adjustments with the guidance of astronomical telescope manufacturers and technology cultivated over many years of experience.


transaction flow

① Quotation

We will inform you of the estimated basic price and delivery date after hearing the equipment manufacturer, model, current symptoms, and desired maintenance content. Please note that the work content and maintenance fee may change depending on the actual machine condition.

Please call us or use the ​ inquiry form to request an estimate or consult us.

​② Equipment shipment

Once you have agreed on the work and maintenance fees, please send the equipment to us. Please pack the equipment in a special case or cardboard box, etc., and secure it with cushioning material so that it does not move inside.

Also, please specify "fragile" and "precision equipment" for each shipping company. You will be responsible for the actual cost of shipping the equipment.

​③ Start work

When we receive the equipment, we will inform you of the condition at the time of custody. If there is no problem, we will start the maintenance work.

During the work, if there is a failure that we did not know in advance, if there is a need to add to the work content, or if parts need to be replaced, we will contact you each time.

④ Payment/Return

When the work is completed, we will inform you of the maintenance fee and the return shipping fee of the equipment. We will also inform you about the payment method, so please follow the payment procedure.

Payment method is bank transfer or credit payment.

Once payment has been confirmed, we will promptly return the equipment.

Contact information

If you call us, please dial [092-558-9523].

If you use the contact form,

Click the button on the right.

Destination of equipment


2-1-12 Mikasagawa, Onojo City, Fukuoka Prefecture

Tenmon House Tomita Fukuoka​ maintenance part

​TEL: 092-558-9523

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