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​Star Party 2012

-Kyushu Observatory-

​ Period: 2012.09.15 (Sat)-16 (Sun)

​Venue: Seiwa Kogen Observatory

(Kamimashiki District, Kumamoto Prefecture)

​Holding report:

The first star party will be held at "Seiwa Kogen Astronomical Observatory" in Kamimashiki-gun, Kumamoto Prefecture, which is the best astronomical observatory in Kyushu.

At the beginning, it was a customer appreciation stance to express our gratitude to the customers who are familiar with Tenmon House TOMITA.

It became a place (feast) where star friends gathered peacefully.

Unfortunately, the weather was bad due to the typhoon, but we had a new product trial session in a tent set up outside.

In the room, Higeji (President Tomita) gave a lecture on adjusting the optical axis, etc., which was very lively.

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