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Equatorial mount with harmonic drive

CRUX series

A next-generation photometric mount that does not require a counterweight."High Torque & Zero Backlash" Brought About by Harmonic Drive

Please experience the outstanding portability.

Features of the CRUX equatorial mount series

​Lightweight and compact

A lightweight feeling that overturns conventional wisdom. The compact body makes it highly portable. You will be able to enjoy observations and photography more easily by reducing the amount of luggage you need to carry during mobile observations.

​No balance weight required

Equipment heavier than the main body weight can be operated without weight. No more carrying around heavy weights. It is lightweight enough for women to use with confidence.


body weight


(excluding weight)


000 x 000  x 000 (mm)

(At altitude angle 00°)

Carrying weight


(no weight)

Maximum loadable weight

13 kg

(with 1.5kg weight attached)

The CRUX140Traveler boasts the highest portability, as it weighs only 3.0kg but can carry up to 13kg. Small, lightweight and powerful. A 10cm refractor telescope imaging system can also be combined.


CRUX 140 Traveler

¥437,800 (tax included)

body weight

13 kg

(excluding weight)


395 × 340 × 180 (mm)

(at an altitude angle of 35°)

Carrying weight

18 kg

(no weight)

Maximum loadable weight


​ (with 15kg weight attached)

The CRUX 200HD is an equatorial mount that weighs approximately 13kg excluding weights, which is more than 3.5kg lighter than the Takahashi EM-200 equatorial mount. The weight that can be loaded is about 18kg without a counterweight, and with an optional weight of about 15kg, it is possible to mount a 40kg lens barrel. ​Although the mountable weight exceeds Vixen's AXD equatorial mount and Takahashi's NJP equatorial mount, it is overwhelmingly light, so moving observation with a large aperture telescope was about to give up.・It is an equatorial mount that enables shooting. The included dedicated controller, Titan TCS, not only combines intuitive operability and superior motor control, but is also unmatched in versatility.


CRUX 200HD equatorial mount

Regular price ¥ 1,100,000 (tax included)

body weight


(excluding weight)


500 x 431  x 220 (mm)

(at altitude angle of 32°)

Carrying weight


(no weight)

Maximum loadable weight


(with 15kg weight attached)

The CRUX320HD weighs about 25kg without weights, and can be loaded with about 23kg without a balance weight. Despite being half the body weight of Takahashi's EM500 equatorial mount, the weight that can be loaded surpasses its specs.
​We also offer a Meridian type with an extended right ascension axis that does not require reversing the lens barrel even for continuous shooting that crosses the meridian.


CRUX 320HD Equatorial Mount

Regular price ¥ 1,479,500 (tax included)
CRUX T-4000

body weight


(excluding weight)


700 x 536  x 320 (mm)

(at altitude angle of 50°)

Carrying weight


(no weight)

Maximum loadable weight


​ (12kg x 4 weights installed)

The flagship model CRUX T-4000 is a monster-class equatorial mount that can carry a whopping 180kg. The total weight of the main body is about 50 kg, but it has a structure that can be divided into two so that it can be used for mobile observation.


CRUX T-4000 equatorial mount

Regular price ¥3,520,000 (tax included)
Titan TCS

CRUX dedicated controller


The specially designed controller "TiTan TCS" is a very versatile controller. A special PEC function controls the cyclic error of the harmonic drive completely.

As a result, the CRUX equatorial mount achieves zero backlash, high guide response, high-precision tracking, and high-speed introduction, making the most of the advantages of harmonic drive.

CRUX is an equatorial mount with high specs that have never been seen before.

Titan TCS interface

From left, DC12V input, Guide LED, Guide port,

RS232 x 2 ports, USB x 2 (Type-A x 1, mini x 1). In the future, it will be possible to use it as a USB hub and connect external devices such as a motor focuser.

Built-in Bluetooth communication device

Titan TCS has a built-in Bluetooth communication device. It links with a computer via wireless communication with star map software such as Stella Navigator. Wireless guidance is also possible via ASCOM.

Built-in about 14,000 celestial bodies information

About 14,000 celestial objects are stored inside the controller (stellar data, Messier catalog, NGC catalog, IC catalog, Coldwell catalog, Sharpless catalog). Therefore, it can be installed automatically without connecting to a computer.

LX200 command

The communication protocol uses LX200 commands. Therefore, ASCOM drivers for LX200 can be used. The recommended ASCOM driver for mounting is “Advanced LX-200 Driver (Generic, not for Meade scopes)”.


PEC OFF and guiding



PEC ON and guiding


No guiding

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