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Consignment sales of second-hand goods

Sales commission is

Sales price - Sales commission (30% of sales price) = Payment amount (tax included)

​Do you have equipment that you no longer use?

​   sleepIt's a waste to let them go!


Astronomical telescope (single lens barrel)
​ Astronomical telescope set
equatorial mount
​We accept various equipment and products regardless of manufacturer.

​* However, we may refuse to keep items in the following conditions.

・It is not a finished product.

・Mechanical or electrical parts are out of order, preventing the product from performing its original function, or hindering its operation.

​・Parts necessary for the operation of the product are missing.

​・Those with severe deterioration or dirt on optical parts such as lenses, primary mirrors, and oblique mirrors. In addition, it is difficult to repair and restore.

​・Self-made (items not made by manufacturers, such as telescopes and plates made by the customer).

・Some parts or components of disassembled products.

​・Those that have been judged to have low commercial value or no demand.

For those who are considering consignment sales so far.


teeth,over the counterWhenWEBWe accept it at the site.
If you bring it to the store

① Advance preparation

If you are coming from afar, please contact us in advance and let us know the condition of the product.Masuto storefront

reception will be smoother.


  If you have a large number of products, please prepare a product list.


Decide on a selling price. If you do not know the sales price, please contact us at the store.

​ If you use a bank transfer as a payment method after completing the sale of the product, we will ask you for the transfer account.

Please prepare with

② Please bring your own items.

In accordance with the Secondhand Articles Dealer Act, we will make a copy of the consignor's license.

​ You also need to sign the "consignment agreement" prepared by our shop.

​When sending products

① Advance preparation


​  this"Inquiry form"Please send us a picture of the product from I understand the condition of the product as much as possible.

Please do so. Also, please specify the product name, year, model, accessories, etc.

Smooth pullProceed to

​ Please decide the selling price. If you do not know the selling price, please contact us.

If you have a large number of products, please create a product list and send it along with the product photos.

② Please wait for the contact from our shop.

We will check the condition of the product at our store.

If you can accept it, from our store "Consignment agreement” will be sent as a data file. signatureof

cormorante,A copy of the consignor's licensewithwith the productPlease send to

Also, if you wish to pay by bank transfer, please enclose a note of the transfer account.

*According to the Secondhand Articles Dealer Law, a copy of the consignor's license and consignment agreement are required.

*We apologize for the inconvenience, but the customer is responsible for the shipping fee.

* We are not responsible for damage, breakage, or other failures during product transportation.

​   When shipping, please use cushioning material or the like to ensure sufficient protection before shipping.

products in stores and

Sold on the website

We will sell.

Selling to the consignor

sold andohPayment method

readyGo gamecontact

I'll give it to youvinegar.

After receiving the goodsflowRe

After the sale is completed,

from the purchaserofoh

waiting for paymentbloodstomach

​ I'll take it.


* If you have multiple consignment items, the payment method will be from the item that has been sold each time, or if all the items have been sold.

You can choose from one payment method after completion.

the following,SpecialIt is an item.
Consignment sales period
There are no restrictions on the sales period.
Consignment sales price
In principle, we will sell at the customer's desired price.
If you do not have a specific price in mind, we will provide you with an approximate market price.
If the product is not sold for a long period of time, we may consult with you regarding price adjustments.
Please note that sales price adjustments are limited to reductions (discounts) only, and once the sales price is set, it cannot be changed for one month in principle.
Sales commission at the time of making a contract
30% of the sales price (including tax) when the customer's consignment is closed

Payment after closing
For high-priced items with a contract amount exceeding 100,000 yen (including tax), the payment period differs depending on the sales settlement method at the time of contract conclusion.
(Example) If the contract settlement is by credit card, the payment will be made after 40 days at the longest.
In addition, if you wish to pay by bank transfer, if the amount of one payment is 50,000 yen or less, the bank transfer fee will be borne by the customer.

Consignment sales method
We will inspect the consignment items that we have entrusted to you and sell them at our storefront and in the second-hand goods section of our website. Also, depending on the season, we may exhibit at the star festival and various events that our shop participates in. Thank you for your understanding.
*Large items such as the Dobsonian may be sold on a cash-on-delivery basis for items with extremely high shipping costs.

Consignment liability
We will sell consignment items entrusted to us under our responsibility. Please rest assured that the customer will not be held responsible for any problems that arise when you sign the contract.

Cancellation of consignment sales
You can cancel the listing of the product before the contract is concluded at any time, but please understand that we may consult with you during business negotiations. In addition, the return shipping fee in case of cancellation will be borne by the customer.
curio dealer license
​Fukuoka Prefecture No. 901131110073
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