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CCD / CMOS camera support page

driver download
Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ
​driver download

Cooled CMOS camera [ QHY600, QHY268, QHY367C Pro, QHY128, QHY247, QHY168, QHY163, QHY183, QHY550, QHY174, QHY294, QHY224, QHY290, QHY178, QHY533 ]

ALL IN ONE CCD Series【 QHY695A, 16200A, 90A, 814A, 16803A, 09000A 】

Autoguide/planet imaging CMOS camera [ QHY5II series, QHY5III series (290, 178, 174, 224, 185, 462, 585, 678, 715) ]

Others [ QHYCFW ]

For science [ QHY990, QHY550: GPS, QHY6060PRO, ]

system package

Package contents

System Driver


ASCOM Driver


SkyX Plugin for Windows

Broadcast WDM Driver

​latest (stable) version
​ beta version
This driver package is
QHY294M/C Pro

is supported.

​If you use any of the above models, please download this version.
Driver Update Log
(Manufacturer site)
SDK Update Log
(Manufacturer site)
EZCAP_QT Update Log
(Manufacturer site)
ASCOM Update Log
​ (Manufacturer site)

Most of the content in the all-in-one package supports third-party software.

If you use third-party software, please install it before the all-in-one package.

You may receive an error if you try to install the applicable content of the All-in-One package without installing any third-party software.

Contents of all-in-one package


System Driver

Driver required for camera control.

WDM Broadcast Driver

A driver that provides a live signal to Obs and other live software.


QHYCCD genuine photography software.

Ascom Driver

This driver is required when using the product with ASCOM.

Ascom CFW Driver

ASCOM Driver that supports both USB control and serial control from the camera.


serial driver.

SDKs for Third-party Software

Choose the corresponding SDK according to the third-party software you use. Check if your software is 32-bit or 64-bit.


Third-party photography software. You can choose 32-bit or 64-bit.


A plugin that allows 64-bit software to run successfully on some less compatible computers.

Difference between latest (stable) version and beta version

Beta versions are the latest versions that prioritize support for the latest products (stable versions may not yet be compatible with them),

Contains some of the latest optimized and experimental features. The latest (stable) version is older than the beta version, but more stable, so

Recommended if you do not use the latest products.

​・Do not connect the camera to your computer while installing the all-in-one package.

PoleMaster Windows driver software
System Driver
Previous versions
Software download (Windows) Stable version
Software download (Windows) QT beta*

​*Polar Star precession correction function is supported until 2024.

PoleMaster LINUX
PoleMaster MAC
The MAC version is currently an unofficial version and works fine with most MAC models. For high resolution retina displays, if the display is not normal, select "Open in low resolution" when launching the program.
PoleMaster Android
​latest version

For classic CCD cameras such as QHY8L, QHY8Pro, QHY9, the SDK and ASCOM driver are common to each model. However, since the system driver to be used is different, please check the model and download the appropriate system driver.

System Driver
​ beta version
ASCOM Driver
​ beta version
SkyX Plugin for Windows
​ beta version
Starlight Xpress

SX camera driver



This package contains 32bit and 64bit Windows 7, 8 and 10 drivers for Starlight Xpress.

* Do not use with Windows XP.

USB2.0 64bit Windows camera driver

Windows XP compatible

USB2.0 32bit Windows camera driver

Windows XP compatible

USB1.1 64bit camera driver

USB1.1 interface box only

USB1.1 32bit camera driver

USB1.1 interface box only

SX Camera ASCOM Driver


Plugin for SX camera MaxIm DL 6.1x


FLI software installation kit (except Kepler series)


Version 2.1.0

Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 32-bit

The FLI Software Installation Kit installs FLI's applications, USB device drivers, and ASCOM drivers for Focus products. Previous FLI software must be removed before installing this package.

Version 2.1.0

Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 64-bit

The FLI Software Installation Kit installs FLI's applications, USB device drivers, and ASCOM drivers for Focus products. Previous FLI software must be removed before installing this package.

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