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​ Price:¥324,500-(tax included)


​ Price:¥525,800-(tax included)

​Can be ordered or shipped directly from the manufacturer.

​Please contact us for the delivery date.

Order or ship directly from the manufacturer.

​Please contact us for the delivery date.



​The future Takahashi equatorial mount with greatly improved usability


Takahashi's equatorial mount, which has a reputation for high rigidity and reliability, will be reborn as "TEMMA3" with a completely new electrical system. The biggest change is that it now supports wireless LAN connection as standard, and it is now possible to control automatic installation directly from a smartphone or tablet. In particular, for those who have never brought a PC to stargazing, it has evolved so that they can enjoy stargazing comfortably.

There are many points that have become convenient for astronomical photography. First of all, the automatic introduction speed has become faster. This increases efficiency when preparing for shooting and when shooting multiple frames. In addition, the power supply voltage has a wide range of 10.5 to 24V, so you can choose 12V, which is easy to arrange, or 24V, which allows you to suppress the current, depending on the situation. In addition to wireless LAN, wired connection with USB 2.0 and RS232C is also possible for connection with a PC, and it can be used properly according to the environment.

The traditional body, which was cast in-house, boasts outstanding robustness and does not move even when the wind blows a little or when you touch the lens barrel for focusing. A high-quality equatorial mount that can be used safely for a long time.


​Body box

​Since the interface and power switch functions that were on the main unit box in the previous model were assigned to the hand controller and power interface, the main unit has become slim. There are only 3 connectors here: one for the handcontroller and power interface, and a common RJ-12 port for autoguiding.





The cable is a type that pulls out by holding the outer ring of the arrow part, so you can rest assured that it will not come off even if the cable body is subjected to careless force. Each cable has a different terminal shape and thickness, and an arrow indicating the direction of insertion is printed, making it easy to connect even in the dark.

[Safety function]When tracking past the meridian in the telescope waist position, the hardware limit switch detects if the main body tilts about 0 to 10 degrees from the horizontal, and the motor stops to protect from interference between the lens barrel and tripod. (This function can also be turned off)


Hand controller (78 x 126 x 28mm)


​ It is an easy-to-use hand controller that has all the functions of the previous model (FG-Temma2Z), but also has more functions. Semi-drip-proof specification that is resistant to night dew.

Power interface (175 x 91 x 43mm)


​ Control box for making various connections. Collectively controls various connections other than the hand controller.

​ Basic operation

・Fine movement in the right ascension and declination directions (possible by pressing the central SET key to switch between guide speed (low speed) / medium speed / high speed)

・Reversing the direction of the push button and the direction of movement

■ Auxiliary operation

・・・Press the upper left function button to set

・Tracking drive ON/OFF

・Brightness adjustment of the lighting of the polar axis telescope (100 steps)

・Speed adjustment of guide speed (low speed)

(1 to 100% of sidereal time, 100 steps)

・High-speed drive speed adjustment (set in 10-fold increments)

・Speed adjustment of medium speed drive (set as XX% of high speed drive)

・Adjustment of time for motor acceleration/deceleration

・Tracking speed adjustment (sidereal time / mean moon time / solar time / free speed)

・Mount mode setting (Germany / fork)

・Declination backlash setting

・ON/OFF of horizontal limit safety function

・Zenith setting, zenith standby instruction

・Home position setting at any position, home standby instruction

・Supply voltage monitoring

・LED illuminance, screen brightness setting

​ and others


​A USB terminal that can supply power to external devices is available. The status of the power supply can be grasped by the lighting of two LEDs.

The included power cable has a wing-type lock on the plug, so if you turn it after inserting it, it will not come off easily. Commercially available 5.5/2.1 center plus plugs can also be used.

When power is supplied, the wireless LAN and USB power supply (right side) are enabled regardless of the operation of the equatorial mount power switch.

Both USB2.0 and RS232C (interlink) can be used for wired connection with a PC.

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