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barrel band

A lightweight and strong lens barrel band that corresponds to each company's product, mainly for Takahashi refractor telescopes. You can easily build a highly reliable shooting system by using it together with the separately sold top plate and alligator.
​3-inch alligator lens barrel band
​Band for refractor (set of 2)
・TB95N : FC-76DS, FC-100D series, FSQ-85EDP, etc. 17,600 yen
・TB125N: Compatible with TSA-120, etc.30,800 yen
・TB156N: TOA-130 compatible44,000 yen
・TB179  : TOA-150 compatible48,400 yen
​Band for reflector (set of 2)
・TB166N: Compatible with ε-130D39,600 yen
・TB204S: ε-160ED compatible49,500 yen
・TB280  : Mewlon-250 compatible66,000 yen

As shown in the figure on the left, it is a set of two lens barrel bands. It can be assembled with a DS75 series dovetail groove on the bottom and a TP60 series top plate on the top.

​Optional carrying handle is available on the top plate page.

Related product: Please purchase together with the lens barrel band
3 inch alligator
DP75 series
3 inch top plate
TP60 series
3 inch dovetail
DS75 series
​Optional equatorial mounting adapter unit (common with Mortar series)

No product

No product

No product

No product


The height can be changed from 500mm to 850mm with the tripod open. (When using a rubber ferrule)


William Optics swan logo on metal parts. A spirit level is also included as standard. The head is 3/8 inch specification. (There is a lock screw to prevent rotation)


The head adapter is fixed by tightening the slit with the L (El) lever. The adapter cannot be removed without pressing the button to remove the pin that prevents it from falling off, preventing accidental accidents.


Sturdy with a urethane sheet of about 15mm

​A carrying bag is also included as standard. The tripod is about 56 cm long when closed, so it passes the size limit for carry-on luggage.


Crux140Traveler+WO carbon tripod


FC-100DZ + EM-11T3 + WO carbon tripod


AX103 + SXP2 + WO carbon tripod


RST-135+WO carbon tripod

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