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Consignment sales method

Reception method, exhibition fee

If you wish to consign the sale of your equipment, please bring it to the store or send it to us by courier.

​No listing fee for consigned items. Please pay the shipping fee when sending it.

About exhibition period
There is no particular limit on the exhibition period. however,. If you do not sell for a long time, we may consult with you about adjusting the price.
Regarding the selling price of the consignment
In principle, we will sell at the price requested by the customer.
If you do not have a specific price in mind, we will provide you with an approximate market price. Please note that sales price adjustments are limited to reductions (discounts) only, and once the sales price is set, it cannot be changed for one month in principle.
Regarding the sales commission at the time of making a contract
If a customer consigns a contract, 30% of the selling price (including tax) *20% will be charged as a sales commission during the campaign period.
About payment after contract
For high-priced items with a contract amount exceeding 100,000 yen (including tax), the payment period differs depending on the sales settlement method at the time of contract conclusion.
(Example) If the contract settlement is by credit card, the payment will be made after 40 days at the longest.
In addition, if you wish to pay by bank transfer, if the amount of one payment is 50,000 yen or less, the bank transfer fee will be borne by the customer.
About the place to exhibit
We will inspect the consignment items that we have entrusted to you and sell them at our storefront and in the second-hand goods section of our website. In addition, depending on the time of year, we may exhibit at star festivals and various events in which we participate. Thank you for your understanding.
Liability for consigned items
We will sell consignment items entrusted to us under our responsibility. Please rest assured that the customer will not be held responsible for any problems that arise when you sign the contract.
About cancellation of consignment
You can cancel the listing of the product before the contract is concluded at any time, but please understand that we may consult with you during business negotiations. In addition, the return shipping fee in case of cancellation will be borne by the customer.
curio dealer license
​Fukuoka Prefecture No. 901131110073
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